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From Banger To Ballad: Listen To Marshmello And...

The song received generally positive reviews. Kat Bein of Billboard described the song as a blend of a wide variety of genres, writing: "The English singer delivers a bossy performance that would put any dog's tail between its legs, while Marshmello plays clever on acoustic guitar over a bumpin' electronic beat and even works in some G-Funk, West Coast synth work."[16] Caitlin White of Uproxx called the song "a banger" that reaches "the level of unescapable that I most closely associate with the first time I heard The Chainsmokers wobbly pop ballad 'Paris'", stating that Anne-Marie "strikes the perfect balance between disdain and aggression".[17] James Shotwell of Substream Magazine wrote: "'Friends' finds Marshmello abandoning the world of EDM for a far more traditional pop sound that perfectly pairs with vocalist Anne-Marie's entrancing croon."[18] Brad McCrea of iHeartRadio deemed the song a combination of "strong dance beats" and "pop vocals from Anne-Marie".[14] Mike Wass of Idolator noted that the song does not belong to the "sub-genre of pop songs about friends who become lovers", but instead is "a musical reminder to stop making a fool of yourself", calling the song "Marshmello's third big hit in a row", following "Silence" and "Wolves".[19]

From Banger to Ballad: Listen to Marshmello and...

That being said, the music from this season gave us some great tunes to listen to on repeat for hours on end, to remind us from the great times this summer we had while listening to them. The contributors here at All Punked Up have put together our favorite songs that have come out, spanning from May to August.

Trap rap has been around for a while. While it has a negative connotation to some, this musical style has pervaded popular music and basically taken every corner of it. Look at all the songs in the Billboard Hot 100 and I bet you at least three quarters of the songs on there are inspired by trap somehow. This genre started in southern rap and has quickly become an easily accessible style that can be easy to dance to. Personally, I am a big fan of trap rap. I do not find all of it good (when it comes to a musical genre, who does find every song in one style good?), but when I find a track I like in this style, I will find myself listening to it over and over again. So, I decided to show you all some great trap bangers for you all to bop to. But first, some rules. 041b061a72


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