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Buy Loveseat Sofa !NEW!

For me, Pottery Barn designs the type of high-end, minimalist modern sofas you see in Architectural Digest profiles of celebrity homes. But, the best part is you can easily order any of their designs.

buy loveseat sofa

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Wayfair provides an unbeatably huge collection of sofas at price points up and down the scale. They offer hundreds of options for every type of item, from couches and sectionals to armchairs and sofa beds.

Burrow is known for offering incredibly high quality modular sofas at at affordable price point. Their M.O. is long-term practicality, so their sofas are designed to move with you, grow with you, and withstand everything that comes with a dynamic, ever-changing life.

Despite a large number of sofas on the site, you can easily filter to find sofas in a certain style, fabric, color, and price point. Delivery and assembly vary from vendor to vendor, but it seems most customers receive their sofas within 2-4 weeks of placing their order.

For the decision-averse, Albany Park is the perfect furniture retailer. The brand was founded essentially to fill a hole in the sofa market for a no frills, minimalist approach to high-quality furniture shipped quickly and directly to your door.

Transform your living room with a plush loveseat or small apartment sofa. Loveseats are small sofas that seat two people and are perfect for compact spaces. From traditional to classic, explore loveseat sofas in different fabrics to match your home decor. When it comes to styling, place your new loveseat sleeper as an addition to other living room decor, or situate them as standalone pieces. For instance, modern apartment sofas in either leather or velvet fabric create a sleek look when paired with plush throw pillows. Alternatively, classically styled standalone or sectional loveseats highlight minimal contours of your storage benches or other living room seating. Either way, loveseats are a great option when conserving space and style in the home.

Is the daily grind taking its toll? If all you want to do is plop down on your unfussy sofa then we've got the couch for you! The Magnolia 2-Seater Loveseat Sofa gives you pillowback comfort so your achy muscles get a respite and two side bolster pillows that you can use as you please. Its velvety smooth upholstered appearance belies its true power as this wood frame-built structure commands your space with durable fashion and neatly fits into smaller living room spaces. Plus its tapered slant wooden corner legs and back center leg deliver complete support while its pocket coil seating sits between layers of firm and supportive cushioning so you can avoid any unpleasant sinking feelings as you sit overtime. And if space allows and extra seating arrangements are needed, add the 3-Seater Sofa or Sectional to the mix to round off your cohesive new look.

The main things to consider when reupholstering a sofa is to evaluate the space in which the sofa will reside. This will help you get an understanding if you should reupholster that sofa or not. Are you looking to change the fabric of your existing sofa, but love the way it sits? Then the answer is yes to reupholstering. Another reason to reupholster is maybe the foam in the cushions aren't as supportive as you would like them to be. Reupholstery would be a great option to get a more firm foam while keeping your existing couch. Reupholstery is a great way to keep your existing sofa with fresh new fabric or cushion foam.

Sofas cost between $500 and $4500 to reupholster. The average cost of reupholstering a sofa is $1800. This includes your new fabric cost and labor costs associated with reupholstering. Usually fabric ranges from $10-$70 a yard with labor cost ranging from $40-$100 per hour.

Since reupholstering a Sofa can vary from $500-$4500, it might seem difficult to know exactly what you are paying for. Here are some of the factors that make your sofa reupholstery more, or less, expensive.

The Sofa is made with powder coated steel legs and finished Birch plywood panels, Walnut veneered birch panels, or upholstered radiata pine plywood panels, depending on if you choose a Birch, Walnut, or Upholstered Sofa, respectively. The seat cushions have a polyurethane foam interior while the back and arm cushions have a synthetic feather fill. The fabric is made from 95% polyester and 5% nylon which we chose specifically to allow for sofa cushions that are stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Find the perfect new addition to your home decor from Bassett Furniture's incredible collection of elegant living room sofas and comfortable sofas. Whether you're searching for a brilliant accent piece to be the defining room element or a tasteful compliment to an existing aesthetic, you couldn't have chosen a better destination to shop for your next sofa.

Choose from our wide selection of styles, fabrics, shapes, and finishes. Our designers are constantly working on great new sofa ideas to add to our stable of finely crafted sofas for sale. From formal and traditional to casual and contemporary, you'll find a varied selection of sofas that span the design spectrum. You can read more about sectional sofa shapes and configurations, and sectional vs. sofa comparisons in our blog. There's something to satisfy every taste.

No matter what material or style you choose from, each of our sofas is designed to provide you with maximum comfort. To help ensure this level of comfort and luxury, we fit each of our sofas with channeled polyester fill-back cushions, encased pillow cores, and fully upholstered cushions and arms. We also have office sofas to add style and comfort to your workspace as well.

The men and women who build Bassett sofas continue to strive to meet and exceed the commitment to quality that has characterized the Bassett tradition for over 100 years. Our craftsmen are meticulous from end to end, from assembling the frame to stitching the material. To help ensure high performance, longevity, and maximum support, we make each Bassett sofa with drop-in coil or sinuous wire foundations, thicker laminated hardwood, and an interlocking frame design.

To match your tastes and preferences, you can choose from a wide range of colors, textures, and performance fabrics. With hundreds of fabrics to choose from and various design styles, your options are nearly endless when customizing a fabric sofa.

With their classic look that continues to add character even as they age, there are few furniture pieces as timeless as a leather sofa. With several finishes and leather types, ranging from full-grain to gently polished, we can help you find the perfect leather sofa for your next home décor project.

On top of the luxury style Bassett is known for, our sleeper sofas and reclining sofas provide extra comfort and versatility. Whether you want to nap with your feet up on a weekend afternoon or need a comfortable multifunctional piece in your bonus room for guests, we can help you find a sleeper sofa, leather, or fabric reclining sofa that's just right for you.

If you need a loveseat to accompany your sofa or want a smaller sofa to fit your apartment or studio loft, Bassett has numerous styles and sizes of loveseats, small sleeper sofas, and sofas for small spaces to choose from to fit your space and style.

If you're looking for a sofa that will grant you a little more sitting space than average, you can opt for something longer from 87 " to 100" or go extra-long one with a length of over 100". A standard sofa measures 25" deep, although most sofas have a depth ranging from 22" to 26".

Sofa height is the distance from the ground to the back top of a sofa; this can range from 26" to 36" in height. The high-back sofas are structured with a traditional back angle, while low-back sofas feature a modern style, usually at a different angle.

Sofa seat depth is the distance between the seat's front edge to the seat's backside. A standard depth is around 25" on average, although most sofas range from 22" to 26". For average-height individuals, the standard depth of 20" to 25" works great, whereas taller individuals may find best results with a little more depth. Deep-seat sofas have a seat depth of 28" and 35," while extra-deep ones have seat depths over 35". Read more in our blog about the depth of your sofa.

We believe that empowering you to tailor or custom design your sofa will help you reach that ultimate level of enjoyment. Take as much or as little control as you'd like in designing your perfect sofa. Our in-house design consultants will help you through every phase of the process.

There are so many excellent sofa options to consider, and the Bassett Furniture website is a great place to begin your search. To appreciate the unbelievable comforts and the fine craftsmanship of our sofas, however, we recommend you experience our store in person by visiting a Bassett Furniture store near you.

Generally, the fabric will be the determining factor in how long a fabric sofa lasts. In other words, you're more likely to see rips and tears in fabric than have actual structural issues with the frame of a sofa. But thanks to new performance fabrics and other modern materials, a fabric sofa can last upwards of 15 years when cared for correctly.

The color of your sofa can vary widely based on taste and the style of your space. For some, having a sofa that matches everything else is the goal. However, often the best combinations of colors are across from one another on the color spectrum. If you need help finding the perfect sofa color for your space, our interior design consultants are standing by to help you create the perfect look.

It depends on the quality of the leather sofa you buy, both in the leather and frame construction. A well-built piece of leather furniture can last upwards of 25 years if cared for properly. With that said, your leather furniture pieces could easily become multigenerational heirlooms to pass down in your family.

Whether or not a leather sofa is better than fabric is all up to personal preference. For some spaces, the leather may clash with the other styles in the room. So in this situation, a fabric sofa may be better because of the variety of colors and patterns available. However, we have multiple leather color options as well, and if leather is your style and fits your space, who are we to tell you which is better? But you can visit our blog to read more about what our designers consider the most durable sofa. 041b061a72


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