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What is Football Betting Tips? Guide to Finding Reliable Tip Sources

What are Football Betting Tips?

To better understand the definition of what football betting tips are, we will first explore the meaning of the word "tips" as used in communication.

"Tips" is a noun commonly used in restaurants or utility services. According to the updated English dictionary, tips are understood as gratuity or extra money given.

This money is used as a reward for the good service provided by employees or a particular restaurant. Similarly, in football, tips money would be given to those who make accurate win football prediction or commentary.

From the above, we can understand that football betting tips are essentially extra rewards given to those who offer highly accurate football commentary.

In the context of football betting tips, a notable difference compared to other common quality soccer tips is that the bettor has to pay the tips to the commentator in advance.

Football betting tips mean that you have to pay a certain fee before being allowed to read the predictions or commentary on football websites.

This is to prevent the situation where some users read accurate information but do not pay the fee to the person who made the football predictions.

Types of Popular Football Betting Tips You Should Know

Based on the above concepts, 1x2 soccer is simply understood as rewards for those who make football predictions or betting tips.

In reality, football betting tips are divided into several types, each possessing its unique features.

Through the search interest of the football betting community, we will share with you the three most popular types of football betting tips currently. Each type is based on a specific type of bet to distinguish.

Asian Handicap Tips

The odds of Asian Handicap bets are assessed and determined based on the initial odds offered by the bookmakers. According to some experts' advice, those who wish to engage in this type of bet need to be well-versed in the rules and how to play handicap bets.

Moreover, the analyses on handicap bets or Asian handicap betting are incredibly valuable to those involved in betting. These articles provide comprehensive information about the winning and goal-scoring capabilities of each team.

Thus, bettors will have a basis for predicting the number of goals each team might score in a match. This helps increase the likelihood of winning higher rewards when betting on Asian Handicap.

European (1x2) Football Tips

Among football betting options, the European bet is considered the easiest to play at present. Moreover, bettors can receive a considerable reward from high-quality European betting matches.

Although the 1x2 bet has many attractive benefits for players, it also contains potential risks. The likelihood of losing a bet is quite high if one is not familiar with this specific type of European bet, with the loss rate reaching up to 50%.

To reduce the number of losses in 1x2 betting for many newcomers, bookmakers often offer analyses on European bets. Consequently, the analysts will also receive a sum of tips money for their accurate evaluations.

Furthermore, experienced or professional bettors can also refer to these analyses or betting tips to gather more information for themselves. This way, the probability of losing bets can be minimized.

Over/Under (Goals) Football Tips

Over/Under tips are for betting on the total number of goals in a football match. The Over/Under bet encompasses all outcomes of the match within 90 minutes, excluding scores from extra time or penalty shootouts.

Typically, bookmakers' analyses will be based on a 2.5 goal line for the Over/Under bets. Through this, players can have a more objective and accurate perspective when betting on Over/Under.

The information shared above aims to help you understand what football betting tips are. Additionally, we hope that these insights will provide a basis for better football win tips opportunities in the world of football betting.

Moreover, there are tips for other types of bets, but the ones mentioned are the most popular, as other bets attract less discussion and interest, resulting in fewer active members engaging in betting 1/1 odds analysis.

Where to Get Reliable Football Betting Tips?

Currently, there are many individuals and bookmakers actively sharing betting tips and football predictions to promote their personal brands, neglecting the improvement of tip quality.

Therefore, it's crucial to identify reliable sources for trustworthy tips to avoid unfortunate losses.

Presently, I'll share three main sources where you can obtain tips:

Football Betting Forums

This can be considered a traditional and early source of tips for the betting community, especially during the early days of the Internet in Vietnam around 2005 – 2009. Many bettors turned to forums for tip sharing.

Back then, football tips were of high quality because players shared them sincerely, without deceit. Today, you need to choose reputable football forums for accurate information.

Pros & Cons:

  • High-quality, trustworthy tips

  • Diverse members and bettors

  • Many veterans and experts hidden in forums

  • Difficulty in finding quality football forums

  • Registering an account is increasingly difficult; sometimes, this function is even locked

Group Sources

Becoming popular along with the rise of Facebook/Zalo in Vietnam from 2015 onwards, these platforms have been more vibrant than ever.

However, the creation and operation of many new groups have led to significant questions about the effectiveness of Facebook/Zalo groups by experts.

Pros & Cons:

  • Easy to find and join

  • Diverse players

  • Daily sharing of bets & tips

  • Many individuals/bookmakers manipulate groups

  • ❌Mostly newcomers

  • Many cases of fraud

Friends – Comrades – Relatives

One of the simplest and most accessible ways to find tips is to ask those around you. If you're lucky enough to meet an experienced betting expert, that's great.

However, sometimes you might encounter scammers.

Pros & Cons:

  • Easy access

  • Mostly free

  • Tips are usually not of high quality

International Sources

Sometimes, sources from abroad, including forums, groups, or newspapers, can be more reliable and trustworthy than domestic ones.

This isn't about preferring foreign sources, but information obtained from mainstream media abroad can sometimes be more authentic and capable of capturing information faster than in Vietnam.

Moreover, as it's an international community, the number of members and the frequency of posts are always being updated continuously with quality that closely follows real-world standards, accuracy, and high effectiveness.


  • Quick in receiving information, providing accurate betting tips

  • Diverse players from around the world


  • Need to understand English

  • Can be misled if not cautious

Things to Consider When Seeking Football Betting Tips

Given the unique nature of football tips, we offer the following advice:

  • Choosing a source for football tips is the most important factor.

  • Diversify the sources of tips, such as asking in Facebook groups, Zalo, Forums, Friends, and Family…

  • An unwritten rule is not to fully trust the tips 100%; set your own ratio, like Long only trusts 30%.

  • Do not curse or blame others for giving wrong tips as quality tips are very hard to find, and winning or losing is common.

  • Do not beg or coerce others when they do not want to give you tips.

  • Be cautious about buying football tips because it's often hard to determine if you are being lured with a deceptive or enticing tip.

  • Avoid tips that are primarily given out for PR purposes.

  • Choose quality websites that provide highly accurate football analyses.

  • Monitor the traffic of bookmakers to find the best football betting site.

  • Calculate the accuracy percentage of predictions from each bookmaker to facilitate better information reference for other predictions.

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