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What is Betting Insurance, its Benefits, and Types of Betting Insurance?

Betting insurance, its benefits, and the various types it encompasses have gained significant attention recently. When engaging in online betting, winning and losing are inevitable, and there will be times when you lose your wager. To mitigate the risk of losing 100% of your bet, bookmakers offer products designed to reduce this risk for bettors. Depending on the price, duration, and level of protection, these insurance options may vary. Let's explore this unique form of insurance and gain some insights from football odds analysis at wintips.

What is Betting Insurance?

The concept of betting insurance is relatively new to many betting enthusiasts. Traditionally, losing a bet meant losing the entire wagered amount. However, bookmakers now offer a form of insurance that allows bettors to minimize their losses partially or entirely. This enables bettors to participate in games without worrying about losing their entire stake.

To put it simply, consider the following examples:

Scenario 1: You are unfamiliar with betting insurance and do not purchase it. After placing a $100 bet and losing, you would lose the entire $100.

Scenario 2: You purchase and utilize betting insurance. After placing a $100 bet and losing, the insurance provides a 50% refund. Therefore, you would only lose $50, with $50 refunded to your account.

Benefits of Betting Insurance

Betting insurance is highly favored among different types of odds offered by bookmaker reviews today. The practical benefits of this unique insurance have gradually won over betting enthusiasts. So, what are the benefits of betting insurance?

Reduces the likelihood of losing the entire wager compared to traditional betting: As demonstrated through examples, whether you engage in betting with or without insurance, there is always a risk of losing. However, the extent of loss varies significantly. Without insurance, you may lose the entire amount wagered, while with insurance, your losses can be significantly reduced.

Enhances safety for future betting plans: Despite meticulous planning, unforeseen factors can affect betting outcomes. Purchasing betting insurance ensures safety, protecting your plans from external risks. The practical benefit of buying betting insurance is securing safety from the start and purchasing a bit of luck.

Applicable to various betting games: With the rapid development of different betting forms, various types of betting insurance have emerged to cater to different preferences. This diversity provides bettors with a range of options for applying suitable insurance to minimize betting risks.

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Types of Betting Insurance in the Market

Currently, there are various types of betting insurance available for different types of matches. Most of these insurance options are applicable to football matches, as analyzed by football odds experts. Understanding the types of betting insurance helps bettors make informed decisions and apply suitable insurance options to reduce betting risks.

Betting Insurance for Extra Time in Football:

This type of betting insurance ensures that the match result is determined accurately within the official 90-minute playtime. Any goals scored beyond the 90th minute, such as in extra time, are not considered in the result. If you lose within the official playtime, you receive a refund. This insurance is typically applied to evenly matched games where goals are often scored late in the match.

Matches Eligible for Betting Insurance:

Not all football matches or tournaments are eligible for betting insurance. Certain conditions and regulations set by bookmakers determine which matches qualify. Typically, matches that are closely contested and carry higher risks are eligible for betting insurance.

Betting Insurance for Scoreless Matches

How does betting insurance work for scoreless football matches? In matches where neither team scores a goal throughout the official playtime, any type of bet placed is refunded in full.

ACCA Insurance:

ACCA insurance is a familiar form of insurance for accumulator bets. Similarly, ACCA betting insurance applies to a series of football matches, such as a round of a tournament or a series of group stage matches. The most common form of ACCA insurance refunds a portion or the entire bet if you lose one of the five matches in your accumulator.


In this article, wintips has provided information about what betting insurance is, its benefits, and its various types. Hopefully, this updated information helps bettors gain a better understanding of betting insurance and apply suitable insurance options to minimize betting risks. With this knowledge, bettors can make informed decisions and enhance their chances of success in betting.


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