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English Vocabulary In Use Pre-intermediate In...

This course will provide students with the necessary instruction to increase reading fluency and comprehension of pre-intermediate level academic texts. Students will practice and engage in a variety of reading strategies throughout the reading process to aid comprehension of a variety of authentic texts and develop critical thinking skills. In addition, in this course, students will engage with, understand and respond to authentic texts in a more thoughtful way. This course will provide students with various strategies for building and understanding vocabulary. Students will be expected to collaborate with classmates to complete a variety of assignment types.

English Vocabulary in Use Pre-intermediate in...

This course is for students who have already completed the beginner's level. The four-skill exercises will be conducted based on topics. The course will further introduce more pre-intermediate level vocabulary and sentence patterns. The course will help students acquire practical Japanese skills through task-oriented exercises. 041b061a72


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